Kartdavid is evolving


In the next few minutes I'm going to explain how & why Kartdavid is changing.

First, a little context.

My brother and I started Kartdavid way back in 2007. We we're young, 16 & 18 years old, and had raced ourselves for many years.

We started Kartdavid in our parents back room. We had the tiniest printer you could imagine, and we worked every day & night to keep it running to keep up with demand.

I remember so clearly our first ever £20,000 revenue month - my mind was blown!

Fast forward 15+ years and a lot has changed.

We've now got a £600,000 monster printer that is incredible. Our team is spread across the world and we run multiple brands.

This growth and evolution means we need to change Kartdavid.

We have made the decision to change Kartdavid to focus more on delivering a better product & service to kart teams & manufacturers. This effectively means we stop designing for, and printing single kart graphics kits.

Therefore we are making the following changes:

5 product minimum order quantity

We are working to streamline production and improve efficiency to keep costs low. This means that from the end of June 2024, we cannot print less than 5 of any one design, unless you've bought a custom design from us recently, meaning we'll continue to print that design for the remainder of 2024.

A design needs to be exactly the same, including perceived small differences, such as a different name, number, or logo change.

This change does not apply to name stickers, race numbers & logo stickers, as they are already sold in packs.

Full package design services only

From the end of May 2024, we will only offer our full package design service, which includes a graphics kit and all the accessories. As per the above-mentioned change, the minimum order quantity to print this design will become 5 at the end of 2024.

We will also continue to make changes to designs we've already created. However, when printing these kits, the MOQ is 5.

Kartdavid is becoming Sticker it

Over the last 5 years, our sister brand, Sticker it, has grown substantially. This has allowed us to invest in amazing systems & machines.

Kartdavid hasn't ever been able to take full advantage of these systems because it's been a separate brand.

However, over the coming months, the Kartdavid brand is being absorbed into Sticker to streamline operations & provide a better experience by having everything in a single brand.

We are still the same people, company, and offices - just becoming a single brand.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Thanks for reading.


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